“Summer Boy” Video Tutorial


Evelina Eve Photography – a multi-award-winning, London-based portraitist and visual storyteller, creating innocent childhood moments and freezing them in time to treasure for a lifetime.

“A nature lover, colourist, and an emotive artistic soul, this is what I want to visualise and express in my photography.”

"Summer Boy" Video Tutorial - £70


In this hour-long video, I will work on my image of handsome boy Vlad and share the techniques used.

I show how I tidy the background, adding items from another image, masking, and blending it.  How I do enhance my subject and make him pop. Colour changing technique, skin editing, including “dodge and burn” techniques. I will share eye-enhancing and skin smoothening, change skin tones, brighten and contrast, and how to sharpen images for social media.

For this tutorial, you need to have essential knowledge of Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw (or Lightroom). After payment is made you will receive an email with the link and/or password to your video (email can take up to 48 hours to receive).  You can log into the video any time and as many times you want.

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