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“Evelina Eve Photography” – multi award winning, London based portraitist and visual storyteller. Creating
innocent childhood moments and freezing it in time to treasure them for a lifetime. Nature lover, colourist
and an emotive artistic soul, this is what I want to visualise and express into my photography.



Skype mentoring (5 weeks long). Cost: £350

Skype 5 live online mentoring classes (2 hours each), 1 meeting a week. 

*Skype lesson No: 1 

Theory part! 

Firstly I will share how I prepare for my sessions, how I choose locations, lighting, and backgrounds. I will share color coordination created through my images. 

Rule of thirds, framing, and cropping, composition, and depth of field. Camera settings to achieve sharpness and also the depth of field. 

Please ask any questions with regards to these topics. 

Homework No 1: Preselected your best 10-15 images for our next online session. 

*Skype lesson No: 2

We will go through to your pre-selected images (up to 10 -15), talking about your strengths and weaknesses, what can be improved, and how to do it. What needs to keep an eye on when shooting or editing. What setting is best for portraits, about posing and lighting. We will talk about composition and styling, background and depth of field. 

Homework No 2: Take up to 3 photos of the person in full length. Keep an eye for composition, depth of field, story, light, etc and fully edit them. Take 3 photos of close-up portrait (up to half body), keep an eye for composition, depth of field, story, light, etc.. and fully edit them. 

*Skype lesson No: 3

We will go through your homework, your best 3 images selected each taken from afar, and close up portraiture. Will check SOOC (straight from the camera) and after (with your editing). We will talk through how to improve the Raw file, any mistakes are done when shooting and how to avoid them. What can be made to make these portraits stronger? We will talk through editing and what can be improved or changed to make the portrait stronger.

Homework No 3: Challenge yourself by working with what we have! 1. Take a few portraits in the full sun! Be creative, try various angles, stand your subject in shadow, or by contraries in a well-lit area, create shapes and shadows for more interesting portraits. 

2. Take a few portraits at a random place, like by the bushes on the street, under the bridge, or single flower patch, etc… challenge yourself seeing beauty in any corner or place, try various angles, maintain the depth of field, framing, or composition (take the pull outshot behind the scenes of the location).

*Skype lesson No: 4

Talking through your homework, what works best, how to see the magic in any place, and to use the light/ equipment/ location that we have. What the challenges were?

I will introduction to my editing technique (PS and ACR) and the tools I use. 

I will edit one of my images and one of yours (depends on the time frame).

Homework No 4: Edit 2 of your images with techniques you learn so far and adapt to your editing style, one image from afar (full body) and one close up portraiture. 

*Skype lesson No: 5

Looking through your homework, what can be improved, and what the challenges were. 

In this our last live session we will talk through the knowledge gathered, the challenges, and weaknesses to work on. 

You can ask as many questions as you want to cover most as possible. 

Homework No 5: Photograph 5 images in 5 different conditions and locations (like full sun or shadow, beach or forest, castle or car, etc…). Try to create different stories, but maintain your signature photography and editing techniques.

*Review your last homework: You will send me over your last homework via email. After reviewing it, I will send you an evaluation of your work. 

Terms and conditions:


*These terms and conditions form the agreement between you and “Evelina Eve Photography”. By booking this workshop you sign into this agreement.

*A non-refundable booking deposit of £100.00 is required to secure your training session. The remaining balance of £250 is due at least 7 days before your session date. If you have to cancel for any reason, 48 hours notice must be given where ever possible, an alternative date will be arranged.

*You will need Skype and Photoshop (Camera Raw) programs for this tutorial. Note that some edits may use sky overlays, textures, or plugins.

*If for some reason out of Evelina’s control the session has to be canceled, an alternative date will be offered wherever is possible. If the session has to be canceled completely by Evelina’s liability you will receive a full refund.

*Tutorials are not available to those who reside within 50 miles of London, UK.

*Please note that Evelina, hand edit all her images. All edits might differ from the original, due to hand editing and time frame.

*Participants must agree that all knowledge and information gained at this workshop is for your personal use, and will not resale for a next year since the tutorial date.

*Payment can be made via Pay pal to [email protected], (please note Pay Pal fees). Or via bank transfer, ask for bank detail if required.

*Please note that Evelina will show her editing techniques, which is how she works on the images. It is your competence will you learn or use it for your photography.

*If you are late for your online session up to 15 min, it will be deducted from your lesson time. If you are late for more than 30 minutes Evelina has a position to cancel the session completely. No refunds for canceled/did not attend sessions.

*No refund for any tutorials or digital files.

*For Skype tutorials and mentoring there is a 12 months expiry date, starting from the date of purchase. You will need to use it within the time frame or at the least register/ contact Evelina with regards to set the date for your training, no refunds for any missed classes/ tutorials.

*By booking this online tutorial you agree to the terms and conditions above.

In my editing workflow, we will cover background editing, how to remove unnecessary/ distracted items, color grading, and vignettes. Will show how to enhance the subject, my skin editing workflow, color-enhancing, dodge and burn techniques. How to sharpen and prepare images for social media use.


Skype address: Evelina Eve ([email protected])

If you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact me, email: [email protected]

Looking forward to meeting you via Skype!

With Love,

Evelina Eve Photography

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