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Evelina Eve Photography – a multi-award-winning, London-based portraitist and visual storyteller, creating innocent childhood moments and freezing them in time to treasure for a lifetime.

“A nature lover, colourist, and an emotive artistic soul, this is what I want to visualise and express in my photography.




This 6-hour masterclass will cover the theory part with a slideshow. Included preparation for the photoshoot, what inspires me, and how to look for ideas, how I choose locations, best lighting and environment for my portraits, will cover my styling and posing to create storytelling and classical portraitures.

In the second part, we will be shooting outdoors together of 1 or 2 models. I will show my camera settings, framing, and how I pose the models. How I choose the best lighting for my portraits. I will explain how I choose location and backgrounds to achieve the best results.

After the photo session, we will work on editing. I will share my workflow on images previously taken. I will work with Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw, Bridge programs. I will show you how to remove distracting items/tidy up the background, colour grading, contrasting and enhancement, cropping, and framing. Subject enhancement, making colour pop, my skin, and face editing technique workflow.

You will need to bring your camera, any lens you like from 85mm – 200mm,  a laptop if you wish to edit together with me, and a pen and paper for notes.

A deposit of £150 is required to be paid in advance to secure your place.

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