Editing Masterclass


Evelina Eve Photography – a multi-award-winning, London-based portraitist and visual storyteller, creating innocent childhood moments and freezing them in time to treasure for a lifetime.

“A nature lover, colourist, and an emotive artistic soul, this is what I want to visualise and express in my photography.”


Editing Masterclass - £250


For this editing masterclass, we will be working face to face together and focusing on my editing techniques. The masterclass will take up to three hours and can cover as many images as the time frame allows. I will be using Adobe Photoshop, Camera Raw and Bridge programmes.

I will be demonstrating my editing workflow on a few images (either mine or yours, or both). I will show how to tidy up the background, remove unnecessary items/ distractions, framing, and cropping. Colour enhancement techniques, colour fix, vignettes and contrasting. I will show my skin editing techniques, how to achieve flawless and pure-looking skin. Enhancing the subject's face and features.  Also how I save and sharpen images for social media.

For this editing masterclass if you want to edit together can bring/ use your own computer/ laptop. Otherwise can take notes of the steps.

A non-refundable deposit of £100 needs to be paid to secure your place.

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