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A Warm Welcome

Hi, I’m Evelina an award-winning family and children photographer in London, the face behind Evelina Eve Photography. Capturing real-life in its rawest form, unearthing the essence of what it means to be human. My images express pure emotion and stories through my own eyes, portraying innocent, whimsical, romantic, and nostalgic feelings.

” As an artistic soul – an incurable romantic, I can only describe my photography style as colorful, emotional, nostalgic, dreamy, romantic, and magical. ”  –  Evelina Eve

I’m a dreamer and nature-lover, celebrating the relationship between humanity and Mother Earth. I’m inspired by family, friendship, travel, and cherished childhood memories. My aim is to capture this contagious sense of nostalgia through the lens, making time stand still with priceless memories.

My work is inspired by the cinema, books, and beauty of nature.  Since I was young, going to the movies with friends or sitting with a novel on the window sill has always been a favourite pastime. I love sunset walks on the beach or the feel of the summer breeze on my face, the sound of ocean waves is music to my ears, strolls through flower fields and fragrance of the blooms, or walk through majestic mountains.

If you are searching for unprecedented photography in London, contact me for availability today.   I am looking forward to meeting you, and it’s my privilege to capture you and your family.

– Evelina Eve

girl with red hair a white horse